Bluevision was created by Ben Mackie to offer Small and Medium business IT & Tech solutions to assist in the growth of there dreams. After working with many local, national and international companies in Sales, Training and Operational roles, Ben has gathered a wealth of knowledge and has gained an understanding of technological tools that increase efficiency and profitability. Ben & Bluevision can assist you by focusing on these 4 core areas:


Accountability is different to trust. Trust is something that is gained overtime, however accountability is required immediately. Having a role that has Accountability shows your employees what your company expectations are and ensures that the business progress’s.


Being involved with a business that has little or no transparency generates roadblocks in your workplace. If an employee is sick or leaves your business what do you and others know about there role or clients. There are multiple tools available to your business that creates transparency while keeping information safe and secure.


If it cant be done safely then don’t do it. There is not a job on this planet that is more important than an employees life. Utilise the safety pyramid to find a solution to continue the business process safely.

Customer Service

Bluevision believes that with most business’s the only difference between your competition and you is you. Most the time products and services are similar or may differ only small amounts. So the main reason your customers are buying from you is the service, experience and benefits you bring. Do what customer service means and serve customers.