Case Study

Bluevision can offer a range of strategies to assist your business. Ranging from Digital Signage solutions through to Customer Management.

Our last project was working with a small business NOR. We noticed that there was a lack of Transparency, Accountability, Safety and Customer Service.

Firstly, we redesigned their website in WordPress to ensure that it was mobile and SEO friendly. Then a SEM plan was implemented within Google AdWords focusing on keywords that were relevant search terms that customers would type in. Google re-marketing was then added to ensure that customers who visited the site would still see banners and ads from the business to keep them top of mind.

The next task was to become a transparent business. We implemented some old-school products and new technologies to fix this. Now if anyone is away or on lunch the staff can source information quickly.

We then looked at the accountability within the business. The sales team had been spending very little time with customers while onsite then heading home around lunchtime. Tracking systems, a CRM and a booking system was integrated into the business. Making these small changes the waiting time for the clients has dropped from 3 to 4 weeks to within 3 to 4 days.

Safety in the warehouse needed to be addressed. The staff had uniforms that blended into the racking which made it difficult for the forklift operator to see them. Front office staff were regularly walking down to the warehouse without safety glasses, Hi-vis or steel cap shoes. A cultural change was needed that involved changing the processes and uniform.

Customer service was another area that was lacking. After speaking with several customers, the front office team were not highly regarded for their customer service skills. We recruited new staff which had sales and customer experience instead of admin experience and provided training from senior employees. Now they are regularly receiving positive google reviews.

This business may or may not be like yours however Bluevision will have strategies that can assist.

This increased revenue by 20% on the previous year’s results.
The company has not been disclosed due to confidentiality reasons however turnover +1M category.